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About Us

The Communion was founded by Archbishop Luis Mendez Castillo

Our Communion was founded by Archbishop Luis Mendez Castillo in 2008. He was Consecrated by Roman Catholic Arch Bishop Carlos Duarte Costa who was placed as Bishop of Brazil by Pope Pius XII. Bishop Carlos Duarte Costa then consecrated Archbishop Luis Mendez Castillo, who in 2008 consecrated Archbishop John Parnell. His Holiness Pope Benedict Blessed Archbishop John Parnell and His ministry in 2010 with an Apostolic Blessing.

The Spanish Catholic Church

The Spanish Catholic Church was founded in the first century by St. James the Apostle in Galicia, Spain. He is buried under our church in Galicia, Spain. This is the church that sent the Catholic Church to the Americas in 1492 with Christopher Columbus.  This Church in Mexico is known as the Mexican National Catholic Church. It was given this title by President Plutarco  Calles who only accepted the Spanish Church as the official church of Mexico. We are in all areas of the Americas that once were part of Spain. We have been in Texas since 1649. Pope John Paul II, Now St. John Paul II, Blessed our Church in 2004.


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